Science and nature our fascination.
Art and design our tool.

Symbiose is a design and research studio focused on improving the future for people and the planet. We are fascinated by science and nature, while using art and design as our tool. Our work aims to activate people, transform decision making, encourage responsible innovation and propose new paths forward. You can find our work in both art exhibitions and scientific magazines.


Speculative design

Reimagining possibilities, questioning assumptions, and shaping future narratives.


Ethical design

Projects with a primary focus on ethical implications and responsible innovation.


Design research

Gaining new insights on complex topics by using design as a research tool.


Exhibitions and museums

Interactive installations for exhibitions and museums, fostering public dialogue.


Strategy and consultancy

Supporting companies with responsible decision-making and policies.


Lectures and talks

Compelling ideas and perspectives at the art, technology, and society intersection.

Work with us

How to ethically develop and implement emerging technologies? Should we use genetic engineering to prevent diseases – or to increase our intelligence? How to live with regenerative implants that merge with body tissue? Should we develop lab-created hybrid species if bees go extinct? It’s these types of questions that form the basis of our projects.

We work with scientists, researchers, policymakers, governments, institutions and companies to explore the impact of societal developments and new technologies. This leads to crucial insights that help to make better-informed decisions and policies today for a desired future. The result of our design-oriented services includes many forms such as interactive installations, performances, film, games and digital visualizations.

Partners and clients

Exhibitions and talks